Dear LFC,

Greetings in the name of the Lord! It’s hard to fathom, but it’s been 15 Sundays since we’ve gathered together as a church at 1470 N. 1000 Rd. Even though we haven’t been together in a physical sense, the past 15 weeks have found us engaging as a church in ways we believe will carry us effectively into the future. And even though the Church has continued to be the Church during this time, we believe that it is time to begin gathering again!

After reading that last line, some of you are no doubt saying, “It’s about time,” while others of you are surely saying, “It’s just too soon.” We want you to know that this plan has been carefully considered, well thought-out, prayed through, agonized over, and infused with a lot of hope and faith. No matter where you stand, we appreciate your patience and grace as we continue to navigate these decisions. All this to say, we are eagerly anticipating our “re-opening” this coming Sunday, June 28 @ 8am. This initial gathering will be an outdoor service right in our own backyard. More details will follow soon, including important safety measures we’ll be taking in order to continue cooperating with guidelines provided by local authorities.

Speaking of local guidelines, we are very much aware that this past week Douglas County extended phase 3 of the county reopening plan through July 5. With the full cooperation of everyone present, we do believe that we will be able to meet, and even exceed the safety requirements for businesses in phase 3. We also believe that all individuals will have the opportunity to heed the advice of the authorities, with the exception of the guideline that advises individuals to avoid gatherings of more than 45 people. As you know, it has never been our intention to neglect or reject the advice of the authorities. The fact is the local guidelines leave much to our discretion as it pertains to the local church. After seeking wise counsel, praying for wisdom, and discerning what we feel is best for our church, we have determined it best to move forward.

We fully anticipate having more than 45 people present on June 28. However, one of the blessings of having ample space–and being outdoors–is that we have the ability to intentionally spread out in such a way that we can provide the safest environment possible for those of you who choose to gather with us that day. There will also be an option to stay in your vehicle during the service. As will be the case for the foreseeable future, if you are not comfortable gathering in person we affirm and support that decision, and look forward to the day you are able to join us in person again.

May God continue to bless us as we look forward to gathering again in His name!

Pastor Robby

Operation Boomerang Details

As we begin the process of reopening at our physical location, we will be updating details of each step along the way. These details are subject to change as new information becomes available. Please check back often for the latest information on “Operation Boomerang,” because we’re coming back!

Prayer Walk: June 11 & 18

Come alone, bring your family, or coordinate with a small group of people (15 or less) to participate in a directed prayer walk on the church property. We have a mowed path that is lined with stations where you can pray spend time enjoying God’s creation and being in his presence.

Prayer Walk Instructions

An LFC pastor will be present to greet you from 7-10am, and then from 6-9pm on Thursday, June 11 and 18. However, if you’d like to stop by at other times, you are welcome to participate on your own. The pastors are simply there to greet you–they will not be walking with you, but are available if you would like someone to pray with you before or after you participate.

You will be handed a pamphlet that will guide you through the approximately 1/2 mile path (mowed grass), with each station having a specific prayer directive. If you are not able to safely and comfortably maneuver the grass, we have areas set aside near the front church entrance where you can pray.

  • It is not necessary to RSVP. Show up when you want, even if it doesn’t fit into the scheduled times where pastors will be available. There will be signs to direct you and pamphlets available to guide you through.
  • You are invited to traverse the path at your own pace. It could take as little as 15 minutes or you are welcome to spend as long as you want.
  • Depending on the time of day, some stations will be in the shade and others will be in the sun.
  • The path is mowed pasture land, so appropriate footwear is necessary.
  • The path is approximately 1/2 mile in length and has 6 stations where you can stop to pray, or you can choose to just walk it a few times and pray as you walk.
  • You may bump into others along the way, and that is okay! Again, feel free to participate at your own pace.
  • Church restrooms will be open from 7-10am and 6-9pm on Thursday. If you come at another time, you may not have access to restrooms.
  • As with anything we do at LFC, kids are encouraged to participate. Allow them to explore and move at their own pace. You might even encourage them to lead in prayer at one of the stations.

This is an opportunity to set a foundation of prayer as we begin the physical reopening process. May God be ever-present in all we do, but may we set aside specific time and space to seek his wisdom and guidance.

​Fellowship Gatherings: June 14

We encourage you to begin gathering with others in the church–or even your neighbors who may not yet be a part of the church–for intentional fellowship. Some options could be inviting a few others to your house to view the online service together, or gathering at a park or public outdoor space for fellowship. We still recommend groups of 15 or less, in accordance with local guidelines.

We need each other. We want to be careful and safe, but we also know that gathering with intentionality is paramount to being encouraged, equipped and empowered in our faith.

​Serve Day: June 21

If we’re really going to BE THE CHURCH, then we need to get out and BE THE CHURCH! We encourage groups of 15 or less to gather to intentionally serve a neighbor, a fellow church member, and the community. We will have some specific ideas and opportunities in the coming days, but you could do any of the following:

  • Clean a public park or community gathering location
  • Contact a neighbor about doing some yard work for them
  • Contact your local city officials to see how you could serve them

Outdoor Service: June 28

This will be our first gathering as a church since March! We have a team working on details, but we look forward to gathering outdoors on the church property. We’ll be taking special care to make sure we practice safe social distancing and follow local guidelines, but will also take special care to ensure we have a powerful, life-giving time together as a church family. We will update times and specific location as we get closer.

Indoor Services: July 5 . . . and beyond

We will plan to gather in the sanctuary on Sunday, July 5, with two services. The first service will begin at 9am, followed by second service at 10:30am. As we get closer we will have details on social distancing requirements and recommendations, as well as how we’ll determine who comes to which service. We do know the following as of today:

  • There will be no nursery, preschool, or kids worship during either service.
  • We will not be having Sunday School or other small group gatherings in confined spaces until further notice.
  • Each service will be less than an hour in length, in order to provide necessary time for cleaning and sanitizing before, between, and after services.

We will continue with the above plan for Sunday mornings until it we deem it necessary/appropriate to move forward in a different manner.

​Gatherings on Church Property

If small groups, Sunday School classes, or age-level ministries would like to gather on church property, we will take those on a case-by-case basis. We ask that they not be scheduled without prior approval by the church staff.