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We don’t view Kids Ministries at Lawrence First Church as providing a place to simply entertain your kids while you go to church. We believe that kids begin their journey toward faith in Christ at a very early age. We also believe that journey should be a joint effort, which begins in the home and is supported and encouraged by the church. It is our goal to come alongside families by equipping and encouraging them to live first in Christ.

In all of our various ministries to children it is always our goal to equip and encourage your children to accomplish the following:

  1. Learn to understand the Bible more deeply.
  2. Seek to know God’s desire for their lives.
  3. Find and embrace their specific place in God’s plan.
Sunday Worship - 9 AM & 10:30 AM

We love to be together during worship. We also recognize opportunities for kids to grow and worship in dedicated spaces designed just for them. With that in mind, our worship services make room for both!

During our Sunday morning worship service we offer a nursery for children under 2 years of age. We also offer a preschool class for kids ages 2 through 5, but not yet in Kindergarten. As always, we ask that you make sure to check in your kids at one of our electronic check-in stations. See Safety and Security for more information. However, if you’d like to keep your kids with you for the music, or don’t feel ready to drop them off anywhere yet, they are absolutely welcome to join us in the sanctuary for worship. We welcome wiggles and whispers!

Our kids Kindergarten through 5th grade will start each service with us in the sanctuary. We have an opportunity to be together as families every single week, and we treasure this time! During the first Sunday of each month, these kids will stay in the service with us the entire time. We believe these opportunities to worship intergenerationally help make the church who we were meant to be! Engagement Bags will be available to help kids keep their hands busy and minds engaged during the service.

Most other weeks, kids will be dismissed after the music parts of worship to head to Kids Worship, where they’ll continue with a sermon and teaching time geared just toward them! We have a team of dedicated volunteers and pastors ready to lead them!

Sometimes, we’ll have sermon series where we intentionally keep families together. During these weeks, we’ll have specific service elements made to engage learners of all ages, as well as Engagement Bags made available each week. And remember, wiggles and whispers are welcome! They don’t bother us. They remind us our church is alive and growing!

Kids Safety and Security


To ensure a safe environment for your kids, we require our teachers to pass yearly background checks, attend ongoing training, and work in pairs.


Parents are required to check-in their children at any of our electronic check-in stations each time they bring their child to Lawrence First Church. This helps to ensure that your child is safe and accounted for at all times. Upon checking in your child, a name tag label will automatically be printed with your child’s name and a random number that is unique to your family. The child’s name tag will be placed on their shirt. A second label will be printed, which you will hang onto for check-out. We ask that you please walk your child to their classroom. Upon check-out, you will show the teacher your label and that teacher/volunteer will make sure your number matches that of your child before they are officially checked out.

Complete check-in/out information is available at the Check-in Stations and if you need help there will be a volunteer available to help you through the process. To further ensure your child’s safety, please alert our Check-In Station volunteer to any allergies or existing medical conditions your child may have.

Wiggles and Whispers Welcome

Here at LFC, we love to worship together as families. We recognize, as part of this, that our time together might be a little noisier and messier. We’re okay with this. Actually, we welcome it! It doesn’t offend God, and it doesn’t offend us.

Parents/guardians: if your kids have questions during the service, answer them! There are lots of opportunities for teaching moments. If they crinkle a snack wrapper or get up for a bathroom break, it’s cool! This is a part of the whole church family being together.

We encourage drawing/coloring or things to keep little hands busy. During our family worship weeks, in which the kids stay with us the whole time, Engagement Bags are available in the back for just this purpose.

What a gift to be together!