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Wednesdays at 6:00 PM

Our teens meet regularly on Wednesday evenings for high-energy games, worship, fellowship and relevant, Biblical teaching. Your teen will be welcomed into a group where they will build strong relationships with other teens and caring adult leaders.

Wednesdays at LFC

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Sometimes the idea of “faith” can feel a little mysterious and hard to grasp. After all, what is it? And how do you get it — or get more of it? Well, just like science can explain so many of the mysterious and hard-to-grasp things in the world around us, there are answers for many of the mysterious and hard-to-grasp things about faith, too. You’ll learn in science class that “catalysts” are interactions that create big changes and transformations. In the same way, Scripture shows us certain change-making “catalysts” are necessary for the transformation of our faith and the faith of others. In this four-week series from Hebrews, we’ll discover that faith is a catalyst for action, the faith of others can be a catalyst on our journey, Jesus is the catalyst for a new relationship with God, and we can be a catalyst for change.

Nazarene Youth Conference

Nazarene Youth Conference is a phenomenal opportunity for students, who have graduated their 8th grade year as of May 2023 through graduating seniors, to worship with other teens across the United States and Canada. This is an event that many people look back on and say, “My life changed here.” Salavations, spiritual breakthroughs, walls being brought down are just some of the opportunities this event offers.
We have several fundraisers in the works to help bring the cost of NYC down for you. The early bird registration deadline for NYC is October 15 and that is also when the first payment of $500 will need to be made to Pastor Austin. You can find additional information and how to register here: NYC 23