I remember being in middle school and high school and yearning for a place. A place to fit in. A place to feel welcomed. A place where I could share my hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. As a 13 or 14 year old, I didn’t know what that place would look like. I grew up in a multicultural church that also valued intergenerational ministry. I felt as if I knew most of my church family, but still yearned for that “place.”

It was my freshman year of high school when I remember a drastic change in my youth group and overall church experience. I had a youth leader who was intentional about taking her small group under her wing and pouring into us each and every week. Not just at church, but outside of the church. We began doing life together. I remember one specific time where I was recovering from surgery and my small group made cards and our leader came and stayed with me during what was a normal church service time. This person made a lasting impact on my life and so did the other girls in my group.

As I was thinking and praying about ministry at LFC, I can’t help but hope and pray that our life groups and small groups have the same lasting impressions on all those who are apart. We truly are a people who are better together. After all, God created us to be in community with Him and other believers.


Alissa Patterson
Children’s Pastor

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